Hong Kong people have a very fast pace of life. They walk fast, eat fast, speak fast, and live fast. They follow the norm that “time is money” and “efficiency is the key to success”. But in the spare time, they also pay great attention to relaxation. It is the best way to reduce pressure. In this exciting metropolis, visitors cannot help but feel this remarkable atmosphere created by the locals.


Mannat mart established in 2017 with the purpose of providing a good products to the customers. The consumers expect good quality milk at a fair price quality.

“A good distributor is hard working, understands its market, finds opportunities, is self-motivated – the next step towards an excellent distributor is to have somebody that offers suggestions to improve your offer, feeding back into the organisation.

“The whole world is shifting,” says Larry Cohen, CEO of Top 40 distributor Axis Promotions (asi/128263). “Uber has changed how we hire rides, Airbnb how we travel, Amazon how we shop at retail. The world’s gotten faster, and now there’s immediacy to everything. Suppliers and distributors have to continue communicating, evolving and supporting each other. The system has worked well for a long time, and our relationships are valuable.”