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Quality we provide

Offer Quality Products

The first thing which is the most important factor while being a good distributor is to always insure that distribution product must be good in all-around quality So “We appreciate only good products and fair pricing,” We check all certificate to ensure product quality is good.

Show a Willingness to Collaborate

Distributors appreciate suppliers that are preemptive in maintaining relationships with their clients and focus on bringing creative ideas to the table. “We’re in a relationship business. Part of the joy of promotional products is building relationships with vendors and sales reps, listening to their ideas and input and working on projects with them. The vendors that we consider true partners receive the most business from us.”

Know your Business area

At last but not the least A good distributor must know very well about their market or business area to fullfill the requirement of product can be delivered as soon as possible. As here we have full coverage of our market area here in Hong Kong. 

Who we are

Mannat mart established in 2017 with the purpose of providing good milk to the customers. The consumers expect good quality milk at a fair price-quality.

“A good distributor is hard-working, understands its market, finds opportunities, is self-motivated – the next step towards an excellent distributor is to have somebody that offers suggestions to improve your offer, feeding back into the organisation.

“The whole world is shifting,” says Larry Cohen, CEO of Top 40 distributor Axis Promotions (asi/128263). “Uber has changed how we hire rides, Airbnb how we travel, Amazon how we shop at retail. The world’s gotten faster, and now there’s an immediacy to everything. Suppliers and distributors have to continue communicating, evolving and supporting each other. The system has worked well for a long time, and our relationships are valuable.”


Milk is a precious gift of nature to all living beings under the sun. It nourishes our health and tones up the immune system of the body. So , start your day with fresh and  pasteurized milk and get energized your body.

Auspride Milk is thicker, creamier and richer than regular milk because a lot goes into making it that way.

Auspride Milk is high macro and micro nutrients, resulting in a consistency that’s thick and creamy. This unique thickness makes curd, cream, homemade ghee, a tastier and superior experience.

A lot of consumer trials that were conducted showcased that Auspride milk tastes fresh and is also much thicker, when compared to competitors. Fortified and enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, Auspride Milk gives better nutrition and wellness that is not prevalent in any other milk available in the market.

That’s not all. Auspride Milk comes in an international Tamper Proof Packaging, resulting in absolute safety and total purity.

Auspride Milk is everything you’ve wanted from a glass of milk.

Hongkong Lifestyle

As I dip my chopsticks into some Cantonese chow at a food stall in Central, the sound of a throaty Ferrari reverberates around the glassy skyscrapers, mingling with jackhammers and the ‘ding-dings’ of Hong Kong’s historic trams.

Noisy, prosperous, and energetic, this claustrophobic Sino-British lovechild never stands still. Since China regained Hong Kong in 1997, the city has been in the grip of development. Bigger shopping malls cater for mainland Chinese tourists hungry for luxury brands, while future projects are in the pipeline, including bullet trains — expected by 2017 — and a sea bridge to neighbouring Macau.

Such transformation however hasn’t diminished its dual east-west identity. Pro-democracy protests continue, while an intensely Asian workaholic ethos remains. Classical heritage manages to keeps its head above water alongside world-class modern design. The cuisine retains its Cantonese origins yet is continually reinvented.

“You almost have to jog to keep up with its pace,” explains The Peninsula Hong Kong’s director of PR, Winvy Lung.


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